Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why GSA Encourages Use Of Revit And BIM For Projects

GSA is a major sales opportunity for most office furniture manufacturers.  Over the years, the organization has come closer to requiring BIM models for their projects.

Before we get lost in the world of acronyms, please remember that Revit is a "BIM" software.

Revit also has the largest market share of BIM software sales.  If it's easier to make sense of the following information about the GSA and BIM, you could swap out "BIM model" for "Revit model."

In 2003, the GSA (General Services Administration) established the National 3D-4D-BIM Program via the Public Buildings Service (PBS).

Since that time, through the Governance Board, there has been a strong collaboration between PBS and its sister organization the Public Buildings Information Technology Services (PB-ITS).

Across all PBS business lines, BIM is supported by the National 3D-4D-BIM Program.

Here is an older GSA video about BIM and why they like the process.  It's a bit dated, but the BIM concepts are still correct.

Why the GSA likes BIM

According to the GSA website, the GSA uses BIM to help their customers in design, construction, asset management, program requirements, and facility management.  BIM gives the organization the ability to simulate, coordinate, and visualize--all from BIM 3D, 4D models.

Not all 3D models are created equal.  Because a model is 3D does not mean that it is a BIM model. AutoCAD, for example, is not a BIM software.  BIM is more than just the geometric representation of the models used in BIM projects.

BIM models in projects

Including supplemental 2D and IFC BIM models, at all project milestones, the GSA often requires BIM deliverables.  All milestones, in these required BIM projects also must include open-standard facility management data.

As it stands now, the GSA requests 3D, 4D, and BIM technology as a solution to the data challenges faced during the project life cycle.  Although BIM is not yet 100% required, it is strongly encouraged by the organization.

The BIM "information" (product data--dimensions etc.) portion is important for optimizing, coordinating, keeping track of facility data, and simulating projects.

BIM, in the eyes of the GSA reduces re-formatting and re-gathering information and aids in project decisions.  The organization says that it is still looking into using BIM through the entire life cycle of a project.

In conclusion

Prepare yourself for a future where BIM models will be required to be considered for GSA projects. If you don't have them, your products won't be considered which is a missed sales opportunity.


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