Friday, September 15, 2017

Keys To Creating An Online Environment That Increases Specifications

Data shows that manufacturers who have a sales rich websites win in the specification game. Here are the keys to websites that sell more.

Marketing (drive potential customers to your resource page) 

Tell the market that this resource is available through your sales team, front page of your website, social media, email, catalogs, direct marketing, and at industry tradeshows/networking events. The more that people know the more they will use.


Provide products in multiple downloadable formats and information. According to a survey by Stephen Witte and Associates, interior designers listed manufacturers website as the most used tool resource when researching products. To read more from the report How To Wow Interior Designers In The Furniture Specification Process.


When a customer requests a product from a sales team or through email drive them to this resource page. You will provide this link, and all they have to do is click it to find a page where all of the manufacturer’s content is available, in multiple formats, for download.


Encourage them to download your products, ask people to interact with products, and request feedback for how you can make the products better for them. Gain insight through interaction.


This online environment will be a place that generates clear analytics about your customers, the market, your products, and improvements/successes that would never go noticed prior to providing this platform. You cannot manage what you cannot measure.


Constant interaction with dealer/designer decision makers equates to more opportunity. The goal is to create the correct playing field for them.

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