Friday, September 15, 2017

Why Designers REALLY specify your products

Specification is one of the most powerful positions for contract manufacturers early in the buying process for a project.

The requirements that dealers cannot meet because manufacturers are unwilling to invest in multiple, high cost, labor intensive, and extremely technical design software.

Who would want to either? These new design software technologies are not useful or needed in the process of manufacturing furniture.

What designers and dealers really want from your website:

1. Downloads that are fast and easy 

On the web, downloads are a hassle free. Making dealers and designers login to get a product is a huge mistake. Keep it simple and easy to get the most exposure and usage from your website.

Designers want a response the same day and putting your resources in an easy to download format will make your website an asset.

2. Files that are in the needed format 

DWG/Revit/Sketchup/20-20: the preferred formats that are needed for the project. This helps Architects, Designers, and Dealers enjoy working with one another because there were no hiccups in the planning process.

Providing multiple formats for products eliminates the annoying, time consuming (project delaying) issue that architects and designers have experienced over and over again on manufacturer websites. They want the planning process to be easy, quick, and complete.

When manufacturers do this, designers become loyal to their brand because the download experience is streamlined and easy.

From Stephen Witte Associates "How To Wow Interior Designers In The Specification Process"


Designers require variation products to fit the needs of their clients. Dealers receive requests from a designer that can make or a break a deal.

Give the dealer the ability to use the software they can to change and customize finish options and designs. Manufacturers have to focus on participating in this relationship to drive growth and stay competitive.

This is not optional for manufacturers.   It’s imperative for survival, but some manufacturers just do not understand the value behind improving.

They do not see the return on investment and do not see improvements to their sales or products.

4. Presentable

 Providing a dealer with the right information and specifications that designers request will make the process of preparing a presentation happen quickly and correctly.

In Conclusion

Manufacturers will be looked at as up-to-date, innovative, and knowledgeable. Ultimately creating a destination that dealers and designers go to for information becomes a place that is fun and enjoyable to visit.

Creating this environment increases the number of visits and the amount of time dealers and designers spend on a manufacturer’s website.

Dealers and designers start to dive deeper into product families, finish options, and features they did not see before because they were on multiple manufacturers’ websites trying to make decisions.

Spending more time focused on one brand allows a customer to see the deeper value in a manufacturer’s products. At this point it will be extremely hard to NOT be specified.


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